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Introducing OpticTouch

OpticTouch is the first interactive media platform dedicated to the optics industry. The concept is the result of an innovative collaboration between DigiTact Ltd; a software company specialising in experiential retail technology, and key optical brands and suppliers. The platform focuses on using interactive technology blended with RFID (radio frequency identification) to enhance the shopping experience for consumers, and provide previously inaccessible insight to brands on the behaviour of retail browsing trends using embedded data capture filters.

By using gesture technology and object recognition, OpticTouch lets consumers dynamically browse, share, email, give feedback and request further information about on-screen content in real time, and in an environment that truly brings your branded content to life.

Attract attention – Convert the customer

Billions are spent leading customers to the point of purchase – that singular point where they decide they want something. At OpticTouch we’re focused on delivering closing mechanisms that positively influence a consumer's decision to purchase. Your media campaign has brought them to you and now they need that final push, the physical interaction with what they’ve come to view.

The more dynamic the interaction and the more you impress them, the more they will talk about that experience and create the potential for even more interactions! It’s like social media on a micro-scale, the “hey, come and take a look at this” moment on the retail floor that gets us excited.

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